What is living green?
Do you live green?
Do I live green?
Who lives green?
Living green is arguably a relative term.
But what we do believe in, is making the right choice. We all inherently know what a better choice would be and what a positive outcome a better choice has, but admittedly sometimes we simply fail to follow through and bypass what the good choice really has in store for us .
And that's okay.  

The Green Solutionist simply aims to apply some form of sustainable good in its character distribution, may it be the encouragement to sort your trash properly, joining the Green Gas Movement (see their program here), joining the gym, or recommending composting solutions to the local community of Somerville, MA.
Check out City Compost here.

The two services, (micro) moving and furniture delivery (yes, we use the Green Gas Card) is our area of expertise due to our experience in this sector. Another benefit is you make more friends if you have a truck.
True story.